We are education


At our core. From training our members and local communities to promoting Arab culture via concerts, to spreading Arabic music worldwide. Summer 2018 Workshops Below!

brian prunka

Arabic Ensemble Workshop

Section I: Led by Brian Prunka

Tuesday July 31, 6-9PM @ Church SPSA

Fee: $60

A few spaces left!


Arabic Rhythm/ Vocal Workshop

Led by Shelley Thomas

Tuesday, August 14, 6-9PM @ Church SPSA

Fee: $60


Arabic Ensemble Workshop

Section II: Led by Megan Gould

Thursday August 16, 6-9PM @ Church of SPSA

Address: 263 W 86th Street in Manhattan

Fee: $60


Arabic Vocal and Choral Workshop

Led by Nano Raies

Tuesday August 21, 6-9PM @ Church of SPSA

Address: 263 W 86th Street in Manhattan

Fee: $60

Spaces limited!

Community Classes

A variety of local classes for musicians of all levels, ranging from one-day workshops to year-round courses. See below!

oud stock.jpg


Learn the oud, or Arabic lute, in group or one-on-one sessions. Currently available! To sign up, write to: info@nyarabicorchestra.org

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Arabic Percussion

Learn the riqq (Arabic tambourine), tabla ('darbuka' or goblet drum) and frame drum in group or one-on-one sessions. Currently available! To sign up, write to: info@nyarabicorchestra.org

choral .jpg







Learn to sing classical and popular Arabic songs from Al-Andalus, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt in a fun group setting with opportunities to perform at the conclusion of the semester. 


Performance class geared toward intermediate to advanced musicians and music students.  Coursework includes exercises in Arabic scales, improvisation and rhythms and analysis and performance of classical Arabic music pieces. Prerequisite for those interested in joining the NY Arabic Orchestra. Registration open for Summer 2018 Workshops! Two Sections: July 31 or August 14


children choir.jpg

Kids and Family

An opportunity for children to be exposed to classical Arabic music and language through singing Arabic songs and performing in concerts with the NYAO!


What's More!

NYAO Residency

The NYAO Residency program is a 2-4 day visit to institutes of higher education offering lectures, workshops and concert open to the public.


'Hey Youth!'

Project 'Hey Youth!' introduces public-school children and teens to Arabic music and instruments in a fun, interactive setting involving singing, movement and play. Our goal is to inspire curiosity, creativity, meditation and expression!


Sneak peak! 

Check out highlights of workshops in NYC, Boston, Minneapolis, LA and Taipei and our visits to public schools throughout the five boroughs!