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In order to make our annual programming vision a reality, we need to hear from youWe rely on the following to make our annual programming vision possible:  Membership, Grants, Funds, Donors, Crowdfunding, Tuition, Volunteers


1.   Are you interested in our educational program?  If so, which class(es) or outreach program(s) interest you?  Would you be a student or a hosting school?_________________________________________________________________________

2.   Are you  interested in supporting the NY Arabic Orchestra as a donor or member? As a grant or fund?_________________________________________________________________________

3.   Are you interested to volunteer for the NY Arabic Orchestra?  If so, please choose your preferences:




o   Grant researcher / writer

o   Crowdfunding (website support)

o   Scout for Donors / Members




o   Mailing List Management

o   Program / Brochure Design

o   Videography

o   Photography

o   Sound

o   Website

o   Social Media





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